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Good Stuff!

I use the Broad Spectrum 1600mg of Extreme Salve & also the Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (10 drops x 3 daily) for my low back pain & my S.I.
joint pain. These 2 products work better than anything I’ve tried in the last 8 years, especially the pain cream, melts away the pain 🙂


Love the stuff

I was blown away……


Life Changing

I was hesitant at first as I have never tried any products with CBD. However, I wanted to treat my sciatica pain without having to take the typical OTC pain medication. So I purchased the salve and within a few minutes, I couldn’t feel the pain anymore! Thrilled with my purchase and I have recommended this as an alternative method to treat pain to all my friends and family. Thanks Nature’s Reality!


Answered prayers

My mother is pre diabetic, suffers from RS, severe Rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, Anxiety disorders, mental impairments. My sisters all have some form of Mental Ailments. My Father suffers from PTSD and with living with 4 women its easy to absorb ALL those Hormones!!!….my whole family and I tried it for a whole week to really see what CBD was all about!!! I was gifted and lifted by Luke and his Team of Experts who donated oils for me to test… Praiseworthy!!!!!!
My mother sleeps thru the night! Shes walking with EASE!! She is Motivated to CREAT Jewelry again her mind is ENGAGED…. Naturesreality APPLAUSE 👏👏👏
My True Belief on Reality… Thank you for helping my Family Rise again.

Jessica Mendez


I love it! Thank you!!!!

Mike A.



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